I help people give themselves permission to create space in their lives for who they truly are and what they value most.

Hello, I'm Philippe Danielides, the founder of Inner Current Coaching, Following a decade-long career in corporate law and strategic communications, I’ve come to believe that our greatest task in life is to discover and build a relationship to our own unique gifts and then figure out how best to offer those gifts to the world. It’s all already within you - the only question is what you’d like to do about it,

Surfing Versus Surviving: The Path To Accessing Your Gifts

Okay, FULL transparency, that's not actually me, because that wave is huge and scary. One day, Philippe. One day...

I spent quite a bit of time in 2017 in Central America learning how to surf (also working, don't worry). Eventually, my skills progressed to the point where, if the conditions were favorable and I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, I could catch a wave and look halfway decent riding it.

I might have even been mistaken for a real surfer by a passerby on rare occasions, but only because they couldn't tell how focused I was on just surviving.

The thing is, I didn't even realize that the thought "just survive" was constantly running through my head  every time I paddled out.

That is, until one peaceful, windless morning off of a palm-lined shore near Montezuma, Costa Rica, when I truly connected with the ocean for the first time and realized the profound difference between (1) the process of surfing (paddling, catching a wave and getting to your feet) and (2) surfing.


THE PROCESS OF SURFING is about very intentionally (and with great effort) concentrating on executing a series of discrete steps and then trying your best not to fall. It’s all about survival.

SURFING, on the other hand, comes from a profound awareness and connection with your environment and is about intuitively responding to changes in that environment in order to maintain your balance. It’s all about play, creativity and enjoying the ride


What does surfing have to do with you?

My goal is to help you deepen your connection with your environment so that you can creatively respond to life and enjoy the ride rather than spending most of your time in your head constantly worrying about falling, even when it looks like you're doing the "right" thing. Because when you’re just worried about falling, you’re not connected to who you are and the gifts you are here to offer. That being said, I know a lot about the latter option, because it's how I spent most of my life.

By my late twenties, I was living the life I’d been striving for since childhood. I had an elite education, a prestigious job as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, a full social calendar, and the promise of a bright and certain future. My life looked exactly the way it was supposed to look. The problem was that I was feeling increasingly lost, frustrated, and hopeless about finding what would make me happy. That is, until I decided to reopen the lines of communication and answer the questions I'd been too afraid to ask: who am I and why am I here?

So, whether you are someone who is looking for more joy and fulfillment in your personal life or exploring a career change or an entrepreneur committed to realizing your vision, the key to creating a life that feels the way you want to feel is learning how to adapt and creatively respond to change because every single person on Earth, without exception, is constantly facing waves (aka changes) of different sizes, shapes, speeds and power.

And while no one can control how a wave is created or how it'll behave once it reaches us, we can all 100% control and take responsibility for how we surf it once it breaks.

Learning how to surf life's changes

Okay, setting surf metaphors aside for a moment (but only a moment!), my across-the-board approach to coaching is informed by the following three principles:    


No matter how deeply we all may yearn for more control and certainty in our lives - or how desperately we may work to create and maintain the illusion that we have them - the truth is that CHANGE is the one defining constant.    



The key to thriving (not just surviving) in this complex living world is to FIND AND MAINTAIN YOUR BALANCE.  More specifically, it’s about finding and maintaining your balance at what ecologist Stephen Buhner calls the “edge of chaos”, which is the dynamic and constantly shifting line balance point between the need for stability and the demand for change. It is at this creative threshold where we are able to realize and live at our fullest, most joyful, authentic, and purposeful potential.   


Finding and maintaining balance at the creative frontier of your life requires CLEAR COMMUNICATION, which I define as:

  • The perception of available information

  • The interpretation of the meaning embedded in that information

  • The ability to respond (which includes action or non-action)

What to expect in a coaching session

My gift is my ability to connect the dots among seemingly unrelated elements and get to the core of an issue. As a result, you can expect to see and rapidly solve challenges that you've been stuck on for weeks, months or even years. I'll do that by helping you expand and deepen the flow of communication with your life, so that you are able to hear the invitation of life when it comes and then decide for yourself whether or not to accept it. (I vote "Hell Yes!").

While every coaching engagement is unique, and I work with each client to come up with a plan that is tailored to their specific needs and goals, you can generally expect that:

  1. I will ask a lot of questions, always, because you are the expert                               

  2. I will help you identify and challenge the limiting thoughts you're carrying (but may not be aware of) about who you are and what is possible for you                                                   

  3. I will help you get clear on your needs/goals and develop a road map to reach them

  4. I'll teach you tools and techniques to successfully navigate any change process (whether we're talking small adjustments or life-transforming change)               

  5. I will keep it real by telling you exactly what I'm thinking and invite you to always tell me where I'm wrong

  6. I will  meet you where you are (metaphorically, at least; my coaching is typically over the phone) without judgment. That doesn’t mean I won’t challenge and push you, but it does mean that:

If you need to fall apart, you will have the space and support to do so without someone trying to "fix" you

If you want to dream and scheme about a bright and exciting future, I’ll help you clarify your vision and gather information with you on how to bring it to life

If you're clear on what you want and ready to make moves, I’ll partner with you to develop a game plan that's strategic but also feels right and problem-solve through the inevitable challenges and setbacks that accompany all significant endeavors

If you're already feeling pretty good about things, I'll help you make finely-tuned adjustments and nudge you to dream even bigger